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2023 was an overall great year. Our gym grew in members and our fight teams both Amateur and Professional had a very strong year... Some highs and some lows. That's all part of the sport we chose to love. However, we always grow...

The year 2024 is shaping to be a huge year filled with Local, National and International fights for our teams. We already have some great match ups in the works and we are excited to see how these unfold.

We are also planning an extension of our gym. This extra space will allow for space to run our classes and also give us more options to expand our classes available to our members.

Keep and eye out on our Social Media accounts for the most up to date announcements and news.

Looking forward to working with our existing members again in 2024 and also excited to welcome some new members to our 8 Blade Warrior Family...



One of Australia’s most respected trainers and former No. 1 fighter in Australia, Superboy’s passion for Muay Thai and teaching is second to none.

Superboy’s Muay Thai journey started at the age of 7 years old in the farming town of Phuttalung in the South of Thailand. His father owed a gym (and still does) at the family home and this is where his passion started. Superboy quickly became very popular in the South of Thailand and became the South Thailand Champion at a young, he then moved to Bangkok to study and fight regularly at the world famous ‘Lumpinee’ Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium.

After a short lay off from fighting Superboy moved back to the family gym and started training fighters of his own in his home town. This is where he met Australian World Champion Frankie Giorgi and this is how he found his way to Australia. 

For 6 years Superboy took on Australia’s best and was ranked as the number 1 fighter in Australia by International Kickboxer Magazine for 3 years straight. Superboy has participated in about 200 professional Muay Thai and Amateur Boxing fights in his career spanning almost 30 years. Although he would love to again jump back in the ring, his days are now filled with the tough but satisfying task of training some of Australia’s best and up and coming fighters.



Image by Frida Aguilar Estrada

Domenic Leone (Fighter Manager/Trainer)

As a kid Domenic loved Martial Arts movies and would watch his two favourites, Blood Sport and Kickboxer over and over again. However, it wasn’t until his early 20’s that he stepped foot into a gym that offered Muay Thai. It was at this gym that he met Superboy who showed him everything he knew about Muay Thai and got him hooked on this amazing Martial Art. Since then Muay Thai has been in his blood and is now his dominant passion.

Domenic now runs the boxing and beginner Muay Thai classes and also helps Superboy with the training of the 8 Blade Fight Team.

Domenic’s main role in the 8 Bade Fight Team is the management of all matters relating to the fighters and matching of the fights and negotiations between fighters and promoters. Domenic’s 15 years of Real Estate experience and love for Muay Thai and the 8 Blade Fight Team has given him the necessary tools to represent the 8 Blade Warriors in a fair and professional manner.

For all fighter booking or for any information relating to 8 Blade Warriors please contact Domenic on 0410 450 710


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